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PeterMake 3D Printing Service

PeterMake 3D Printing Service

Order a 3D Print


Order a 3D Print

PeterMake 3D Printing Service Powered by 3D Hubs offers quality 3D printing at affordable prices.

If you would like a price quote outside of our 3D Hubs partner just order a print by emailing your information and your .STL or .OBJ file(s) as attachments to sales@petermake3d.com and we will do an costs analysis and send you an estimate/invoice of printing costs.

PeterMake 3D exclusively uses the Raise3D N-Series, Leapfrog, Ultimaker and Zortrax FFF/FDM printers. We also use the new Form 2 for resin printing.

We print in all kinds of materials using only the highest quality brands such as FormFutura, Orb Polymer, PolyMaker and Zortrax.

FormFutura filaments are all premium materials.

FormFutura has some of the most exotic materials and colors on the market, even the normal ABS/PLA Whites Black, Grey, Red, etc. colors just pop.

Orb Polymer offers ABS, PETG and PLA in more colors than a rainbow.

Please Visit the All the Filaments and Colors that PeterMake 3D Offers at: All Filaments 

PolyMaker has PC-Max, PC-Plus, PolySupport, PolyPlus, Conductive, PolyFlex, PolyMax and PolyWood.

Orb Polymer and PolyMaker materials print excellent using our new Raise3D N-Series Printers.

We also offer exotic materials such as Wood Fill and Bronze Fill for use on the Raise3D N-Series printers. The materials mimic the look of wood or bronze and can create a stunning finished model.

The results from our new Raise3D N1, N2 and N2 Plus printers is amazing.
Parts come out almost as if they were plastic injected.
The Raise3D N-Series are probably the best printers on the market today!

The Raise3D N1 has a 8" x 8" x 8" build area, the N2 has a 12" x 12" x 12" build area and the N2 Plus has a huge 12" x 12" x 24" builder, one of the larges build areas on the market.

The Raise3D N-Series are currently the very best printers on the market today.
The parts that are printed from the Raise3D printers come out better and stronger than any other printer that we have and this includes the Zortrax M200.

We also have a FormLabs Form-2 resin printer, which as you probably know, also prints excellent.

The Raise3D N-Series with build volume choices for almost any size print are used exclusively for all our printing requests except when a customer requests a Zortrax Filament such as Z-ABS, Z-HIPS, etc. in which case we print on our Zortrax M200 printer

Our new Ultimaker 3 Dual is capable of printing using PVA for supports which disolve in water.

Thie Ultimaker 3 allows for the printing of complex parts and models in PLA that normally would be be able to print due to inability of the removal of certain supports.

The Ultimaker 3 is also capable of printing in two colors. Keep that in mind when placing your order.

Our new Leapfrog Bolt professional printer is another amazing printer with unsurpassed print quality and with the ability not only to print in two colors or materials at once, but also to print either a copy or mirror image of a part simultaneously, thus saving half the time.

The Bolt has a large print area of 13.0" x 12.6" x 8.1".

Order a 3D Print

There are two ways to order a 3D print.

You may order a print by emailing your information and your .STL or .OBJ file(s) as attachments to sales@petermake3d.com and we will do an costs analysis and send you an estimate/invoice of printing costs.

The other method of ordering prints is to click on any of the "ORDER a 3D PRINT" buttons located throughout this page and order using our 3D Hubs widget interface.

When ordering via email please provide your name, address, phone number, email address and the attached .STL/.OBJ file(s), the material you would like the print(s) in, i.e.: REsin, ABS, PLA, HIPS, PETG, Flex, PolyWood, PolyFlex, PolyMax, etc., the color of the material and the resolution, i.e.:  250 µm,  200 µm, 150 µm, 100 µm, 75 µm, etc..

For a list of available materials and colors please Visit the All the Filaments and Colors that PeterMake 3D Offers at: All Filaments 

When you click on the "ORDER a 3D PRINT" button a new Window Overlay will open where you can upload your model, view your model, see available materials and colors, make your selections and add your choice to the cart, then check out.

Follow the directions, order your 3D prints in the materials, colors and qualities that you want.

  1. Upload your 3D print files for an instant quote by either dragging the files onto the Cloud Icon or by Browsing Your Computer for the file or file that you want to print.

  2. Choose how the files were uploaded either in  MM for millimeters, CM for centimeters or IN for inches.  Usually its MM for millimeters.

  3. Click on the "Next" button.

  4. Choose a material, color, resolution and add any comments - you will see the quoted price on the bottom center of the screen for your parts in the material that you have chosen. The lower the resolution the finer (less visible layers) the printed surface will come out. However, for a more durable 3D print such as mechanical parts, gears, etc., you will want a higher resolution such as least 150 or 200 microns. Certain materials selections may have limited resolution choices.

  5. Click on the "Next" button.

  6. Enter your email address and choose either the "I WILL PICK UP" or "SHIP IT TO ME" button.

  7. If you have chosen "SHIP IT TO ME"  please enter your Zip Code and City so we will be able to calculate the shipping charges which will be appended to your PeterMake 3D Hub Invoice.

  8. Click on the "Submit Request" button.

  9. Your files will be double checked.  If everything looks good, your order will be accepted.  An email will be sent to you. You only pay when the printing starts.

  10. You will be notified when your 3D print is ready for pickup or has been shipped.

PeterMake 3D Printing Service is powered by 3D Hubs and, as such, all costs such as printing, shipping, post processing are invoiced and paid from within 3D Hubs and not through the PeterMake 3D Shopping Cart.

3D Prints that require shipping are are usually shipped via USPS Priority Mail, small parts via USPS First Class Mail and shipping fees are charged accordingly from within the 3D Hubs.  State of Florida Sales Tax will be added to all sales within the State of Florida.

Have questions? Contact Us or call 954-300-3222.

We Offer Student and Not For Profit Group Discounts. For more information Contact Us or call 954-300-3222.

Order a 3D Print

Here are some Tips For Success:

  • Wall Thickness should be in increments of 400 microns (0.40 mm) with an Optimal Thickness of 80 microns (0.080 mm), less than 80 microns (0.080 mm) the wall may become difficult to print and might be weak, easy to break, etc.
  • The Resolution of Single Printable Point is 400 microns (0.40 mm), think about that when designing your individual features on a model
  • Design larger models into individual smaller parts that will be able to be snap fitted and glued together, this makes for better designing and printing
  • Various filament and even colors will give different printed results. For example, black filament is one of the most difficult filaments to get really good results and HIPS prints with the most smooth surfaces of any filament
  • Keep in mind the limitations of 3D printers, in general they are for prototyping
  • However, with that said, with some work you can easily sand, paint, detail, smooth out any rough areas and have your model or part look and function as good as any manufactured part costing vastly more money.
  • One Tip, when in doubt Contact Us or call 954-300-3222.

Order a 3D Print

* All printed parts are post processed which may include removal of supports, light sanding, etc. If you do not want any post processing on your parts please tell us before hand in the Notes Section when you order.

NOTE - Please Read

Please keep in mind that this is not super expensive factory prototyping but inexpensive 3D printing.
Most parts and models come out exceptionally well. They look good, function well and are very durable.
PeterMake 3D does its best, with minor post processing such as removing supports, light sanding, etc., to make all parts and models function and look their best.
This minor post processing makes parts and models as durable, aesthetically pleasing and functional as possible.
However, their are limits to 3D printing.
Some parts and models due to their shape or the way they have to be printed do not always look their best.
PeterMake 3D always ascertains the orders that we receive prior to printing and based on our experience will inform the customer that the part or model may not print well.
However, there are times when we do not know how a part or model will print until after the fact.
In these cases we will inform the customer that the part did not print well aesthetically in our opinion.
The customer may not have an issue with the way the part looks as it is for functional use only or perhaps the customer had higher expectations in which case they will have a choice to either except the part as is and post process the part themselves or pay PeterMake 3D to perform major post processing.
Sometimes without major post processing, which might include sanding, filling, priming, painting and more, parts and models may not meet a customer's expectations or their requirements.
In these cases PeterMake 3D offers a professional post processing service to make the parts and models look as aesthetically pleasing and functional as possible.
PeterMake 3D's professional post processing service starts at $75.00 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour charged.
If you elect to have PeterMake 3D's professional post processing service, the cost of such service will be appended to your 3D Hubs Invoice.
PeterMake 3D's professional post processing service may include sanding, filling, priming, painting and more.
Some parts or models may take many hours to complete the professional post processing.
If interested in PeterMake 3D's professional post processing service, please Contact Us or call 954-300-3222 to answer your questions and give you an estimated quote for your part(s) or model(s).

PeterMake 3D will always pre-process all parts and models to check and correct any issues that a part or model may have. PeterMake 3D tries to correct any issues that are found. However, sometimes PeterMake 3D will have to contact you about issues and you may have to do a redesign of the part(s) or model(s) with issues. We will be happy to give you suggestions about redesigns and advise you as to what type of material and resolution that your parts should be printed in for durability, aesthetics and functionality.

Order a 3D Print

Want to know more?  Contact Us or call 954-300-3222.


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